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Construction financing is a type of company funding designed to help contractors, sub-contractors and those working in the construction industry. It can be utilized to finance new projects, pay suppliers speedily, buy new construction equipment and machinery and boost working capital. There are different types of construction finance available, including secured and unsecured loans and equipment leasing. Since there is more lender risk, construction mortgages usually have stricter qualifications and higher interest rates.

The cost of construction loans relies mainly on the size of your firm, the nature of your trade, and a few other aspects like your credit score and creditworthiness. Some lenders are designed to satisfy larger firms, while others support smaller businesses.

Construction finance also puts you in a better position to take on larger jobs without stressing about getting paid for outstanding accounts receivable.

The benefit of Construction Finance 

  • Funding within 24 hours of submitting uncertified applications for payment.
  • Confidential, if required.
  • Reimburse wages, bills, labor costs, or suppliers before you get paid by the main contractor.
  • Enhance cash flow and take on new jobs with confidence.

How we can help 

 With TopRankin Mortgages Inc, we can assist you in making your construction dream come true. Here, you will work closely with a reliable team of highly experienced employees who maintain high ethics, integrity, and transparency standards. Find out how simple it is, and apply for construction finance today. And of course, if you have any queries, feel free to reach one of our representatives at any time – we’ll be glad to help walk you through the process!

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