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Sean Rankin began working for TD Bank in March of 2005 as a relief Customer Service Representative while studying Biology at the University of Ottawa. While completing his studies and over the next 7 years, Sean progressed into a Financial Services Representative, a Financial Advisor and then a Manager of Customer Service. Sean’s entrepreneurial spirit and achievements in client advice lead him back to a sales oriented role wherein July of 2012 he began working as a Mortgage Specialist for TD Bank.

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  • How rising rates can affect your mortgage

    The one-two-punch of supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine has pushed inflation in Canada to its highest level in 30 years and spurred the Bank of Canada to move toward a tighter monetary policy. On June 1, the Bank announced a second consecutive .5% increase to its policy rate (the third increase in 2022) and signalled its intention to continue increasing rates in the short term.

    For homeowners with variable-rate mortgages, the effects of these policy rate hikes will have an immediate impact as lenders increase their prime lending rate in response. Depending on the terms of your variable-rate mortgage, you may see an increase in your payment or find that a higher portion of your fixed payment is going toward interest rather than principal.

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